ARTEXT was born from a passionate desire for artistic expression and a fascination with the limitless possibilities of technology. Founded in 2023 by Naida Hurst, ARTEXT is the culmination of a journey that began with a search for solace and a thirst for creativity.


Meet the Founder: Naida Hurst


In 2023, Naida Hurst found herself in need of an escape from the daily grind and the challenges life had thrown her way. Seeking refuge from the demands of work and the complexities of life, she embarked on a self-discovery journey. Naida's path to creative awakening started with YouTube videos and Google articles on photography. Little did she know that this simple pursuit would open a door to a world of boundless creativity she had never imagined.


As Naida delved deeper into the world of photography, she honed her skills by mastering Photoshop and Lightroom, each step contributing to the evolution of her unique photography style. You can catch glimpses of her captivating work on her Instagram page, @NaidaHurstPhotography.


But Naida's thirst for creative outlets didn't stop there. While perusing online stores for a unique cell phone case, she was struck by the overwhelming sameness of designs across different vendors. It was at this moment that the idea of ARTEXT began to take shape. Determined to craft one-of-a-kind designs, she embarked on a journey into the world of AI art, adding another layer to her artistic repertoire.


Yet, it was a seemingly unrelated event that truly showcased Naida's unbounded creativity. While researching ideas for a Steampunk-themed photoshoot, she was delightfully interrupted by her mischievous feline companions - Jax and Mango. This whimsical moment of serendipity birthed the concept of "STEAMPUNK FURRIES," a testament to Naida's ability to find inspiration in the everyday and the extraordinary.