Selfi Style Off

The #ArtextSelfie Movement

Are you ready to make a statement? Join the #ArtextSelfie movement and let your creativity flourish. Here's how you can participate:

Step 1: Unbox Your Artext Case

Once you've received your Artext phone case from ARTEXT, open the package with excitement and anticipation. Feel the quality, admire the design, and imagine how it will complement your style.

Step 2: Prepare Your Outfit

Before you snap that selfie, take a moment to coordinate your outfit with your Artext phone case. This synergy will create an impeccable harmony between your style and your Artext case, elevating the impact of your selfie.

Step 3: Strike a Pose and Capture Your Essence

With your smartphone elegantly embraced by your Artext case, find the Mirror, best lighting, angle, and mood to encapsulate your essence. This is your opportunity to express yourself through a selfie that exudes confidence and authenticity.

Step 4: Share, Tag, and Connect

Post your captivating mirror selfie captured with ARTEXT case on your Instagram profile, accompanied by the hashtag #ArtextSelfie. Please make sure to tag @ai.artext in the picture. By using the tag #ArtextSelfie, you'll instantly connect with a community of trendsetters who are embracing their Artext identity and sharing their unique styles.

Step 5: Unlock the Grand Prize Opportunity

Right after step 4, now you can get a new ARTEXT phone case of your choice and a ticket to win one of the grand prizes.